February has come to a close and I realize this has probably been one of the most beautiful months of my life. After years of struggle it finally feels like I’ve broken through and am now in a time of peace. Peace with God and peace with myself. I now see that because he is in me, God is in everything I’ve ever had to endure and has given me the strength to overcome.

So me being the pragmatic person that I am automatically start questioning what’s next? Should I start dating, am I doing enough with my time? In the midst of the questioning, wondering what comes next I just felt God so gently say, “Enjoy your life.”

This weekend I did just that. I did all the things I enjoy. I did a boxing class I enjoyed, I went to a museum, I baked and cooked for myself and I even visited my family all in one day. Then the next day I had church did brunch with some great friends, had a meeting on a topic I’m teaching and then finished it off with a run and some time with the Lord. It was a beautiful weekend.

Sometimes the now matters more than the next. To enjoy the beauty of the day and reflect on the goodness of God. To embrace those still and quiet moments to just be with myself. That’s the goal. I choose to enjoy my life. To be optimistic about today because these beautiful moments are fleeting and life is always changing. To be hopeful and joyful about the exciting things to come in the future knowing that God won’t disappoint. For now, it really is that simple.


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