I was scrolling on Facebook yesterday on a quick study break when I came across a post from someone who used to mentor me. It was a political post so being interested in politics I decided to look at what she had to say about it. In the comments I saw another friend of the family comment so I wanted to see what she had to say as well. One woman was a Democrat and one is a Conservative. So things got ugly really quickly. It was insightful to read both perspectives but disturbing because these were two women I looked up to who love God. But they couldn’t find love for one another in expressing their different points of view. It also made me step back and reflect on how I’ve let my broadening worldview cloud my own view of God.
Lately I’ve been interested in learning about the Jesus who advocated for justice. How passionate he was about saving sinners and his compassion towards the poor. But in looking at that I realized that I was putting him into a box. I was trying to mold Him into who I wanted him to be, needed Him to be in a time where violence doesn’t seem to stop, mass incarceration is still on the rise, and this pandemic is devastating the black community that brings to light many of the health disparities that are so prevalent right now. That “justice box” actually made me feel more self-righteous and independent instead of humbling myself and realizing that He already has the answers. That box could never be big enough to fit him because He’s so much bigger than justice, or compassion, even love, at least in how our small minds define these things.
So in a time of progressives and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, let us broaden our view. Instead of judging someone for how they think, maybe look at why they think that way. It could be a great way to grow and gain some understanding. I know it’s tough but maybe even pray for the person and pray that maybe it opens your eyes to something in you that may be flawed. At the end of the day, I’m just really disappointed about how political views are really dividing Christians. The need to be right is single handedly destroying the beautiful message of the Gospel. If you’re a liberal who’s using your time in justifying why Jesus would be a Democrat today or if you’re a conservative preaching on why he would love Donald Trump then please realize you’re both wrong. But I know one person who He is rooting for right now and that’s YOU. He is at the right hand of the Father interceding for each one of us and cheering us on to do His great work. Please don’t lose sight of that right now. Don’t allow something man made to tear you away from our collective purpose which is to love one another.
And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 
         ~ Colossians 3:14
Since we all have different life experiences, our political views will differ. I have friends who I love very much who are Democrats and Republicans; Liberals and Conservatives. There will be disagreements but please, if you are a person who loves God, let love have the final say. Please be a person who is defined by the way they love God and love people. I know that’s how I’m choosing to live.

2 thoughts on “A Political Opinion…

  1. You are so correct. I pray I love at all times. Thank you your message it’s a wonderful piece for peace, love and understanding. Be blessed.


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