I believe the last time I posted in here was in September. I just finished my AmeriCorps experience and was about to start graduate school. Much uncertainty was occurring in life. I just lost a research opportunity and was so nervous about what grad school would be like. Thank God I got a job a week before I started classes and it is the best job I’ve ever had. I’m still working it (even through COVID-19) and I’m now in my third term of graduate school. I’ve learned much about myself and who God is over the last seven months and I’m excited to share with all of you my progress.

Right now we are all in an interesting spot. Our lives have stopped. We are going through a collective traumatic experience. In some ways I’m grateful that we’re going through all of this together in a way. I’m learning to never think about what I SHOULD be doing or what I SHOULD be thinking but to accept my feelings as valid, having faith that God will carry me through.

In a great podcast I listened to yesterday, I was reminded about how we often allow our culture and perceptions about God to influence our view about the truth about his character. Often times those influences create an unbiblical view. Just like we don’t like when people falsely state things about us, why should we do that to God? So in this time I’m choosing to spend my time re-introducing myself to who God truly is. I’ve journaled, cried, sang, and sat in His presence silently due to anger. But I feel like during this time faith has started to build. Hope is starting to arise again. God doesn’t bring us through trials to deplete us but to transform us. We have an opportunity to just be still and let God speak. I hope that humanity will choose to listen.

Here’s a link to the podcast:

EN Podcast


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