It was on a Sunday after church service let out and my friends and I realized Valentine’s Day was coming up. I excitedly said, “I love Valentine’s Day!” A good friend of mine gave me a side eye and said “Really? I don’t.”

I love Valentine’s Day! Sure I’m not in a relationship, I haven’t been in one in almost five years. But I love Valentine’s Day! Or should I say I love Galentine’s Day 😉 I love the opportunity to celebrate love and singleness with my girlfriends because there will come a time when I meet that special someone who takes away my singleness forever.

Maybe I’m not winning you over with this whole explanation…

We live in a society where we all need someone (or we all SHOULD need someone). We are never comfortable with being alone. But in the past five years of being single I’ve learned so much about myself! I’ve learned to love myself and I grew up into a person I actually like. I’m sure that being “alone” was the reason I was able to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I want bae to pop up out of thin air any day now! But if I had to be completely honest with myself, I like this “idea” of bae more than actually having to build a relationship. So single I am and for right now single I will stay. And I’m loving it! Shout out to all the people in a happy relationship! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy the day with the one you love! But if you’re like me and you’re single, Happy Valentine’s Day. Grab a drink or go out to dinner with your friends. Enjoy this time of freedom! Don’t use this day as a day to mope because bae didn’t come knocking at your door. Also, don’t use this day hopping between dating apps or doing speed dating in hopes it will fill that void in your life. Celebrate your singleness! One day your special someone will come but for today, celebrate you in all of your magnificence!!!

One thought on “My Thoughts on Singleness on Valentine’s Day

  1. Lol. Maya, this is too funny. A few years ago I would get super depressed and lonely because i didnt have a special someone on Valentine’s days, but now I’ve really learned to enjoy my singleness. When I think about the growing I still have to do for myself; more self-love and recognition, I can wait until I meet the person God has for me. Until then, I’m going to continue spending Valentine’s either at work or hanging out with my friends! Lol


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